Let’s be disruptive. Let’s disrupt our industry. Let’s disrupt our company. Let’s disrupt the game. Disruption is still cool, while “innovation” term has lost its lackluster. Last year I wrote a post “Don’t be ‘innovative’, be disruptive” and I only told half the story. Throughout this post I’m going to reference people or person but reality is that organizations, teams, governments, technology, etc. can be interchanged for people.

Guess what, most people that say they want to be disruptive or want their industry disrupted are lying. After all why would they? They themselves have worked hard to be where they are and “earned” their spot. Who wants this taken away by the new, shiny person?  Who wants to be the person that stands up and makes the decision that is against the norm and puts his/her head on the line.

Then, there are the people that want to be the disruptors, at least for a while. After all, most disruptors eventually become legacy that is prone to disruption.  That is most disruptors become the disruptable. But for the true few disruptors that keep momentum going, kudos to you because you are the few that dramatically change the world.

So why am I writing this? Well it is cool for each of us to be disruptors but there needs to be honesty around being a disruptor. Disruptors are in opposition of the disruptable majority. Disruptors are despised by jealousy and fears of the disruptables. Disruptors are going to face significant resources of the disruptables like money, reputation, and connections.  So, either find a culture or disruptive mission that is in an area that is receptive of disruption.

Now I ask you, do you still want to be disruptive? Are you positioned well to be disruptive and are you ready for the fallout that happens when others are not?  Are you disrupting to make a positive difference in the world? Hope you answer yes to these and can effect positive disruptive change.  Maybe we will speak of you like we speak of the computer above and how it has changed our world. While messy at first, in the end we are all better off for the disruptors and their disruptsion.

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