Work Learn Play is about sharing knowledge and experiences between fellow information workers. What is an information worker? It is a person that spends the majority of their working day either processing information, relaying information, analyzing information, or utilizing information. This includes job titles like product manager, project manager, business analyst, developer, information security specialist, designer, lawyer, accountant, user experience specialist, human resource generalist, really any kind of analyst or specialist, and the list goes on and on.

Over the years we moved from a society of agrarian workers to industrial workers to information workers. Certainly not everyone is an information worker but most people are indeed information workers or at least aspire to be. There is no college courses that I know of that do a good job preparing information workers to really succeed in the workplace and instead focus on workplace skills. This site is geared at providing information to help you succeed as an information worker so you can more quickly obtain your goals and dreams. Remember love what you do or do something else.

The views expressed on this site are completely my own and do not represent those of my past, present, or future employers and do not represent professional advice. With that being said hopefully learn from and share your own in this wonderful journey.