This weekend I participated in an Internet of Things (IoT) Hack Day and I won’t get into project specifics and all that but it got me thinking of how quick we can make something from nothing nowadays. We are able to rapid prototype things now with 3D printers, high level programming language, Raspberry PI, Arduino, and most of all people’s creativity and ingenuity. The creativity and ingenuity of people is what excites me that the best is to come despite the rhetoric you hear on the news and in politics.

Taking the concept of creativity and ingenuity into the workplace is not often encouraged especially in larger organizations and even in smaller organizations. Generally people fear change, the unknown and things they don’t understand. What people need to appreciate is embracing change, the unknown and things you don’t understand is exactly how you and your organization will thrive. If you are a manager maybe it is time to have an in-house hack day and you will be amazed what creativity and ingenuity your people have if you just empower them to utilize it.

You can learn more about the 2015 Minnesota IoT Hack Day here. Appreciate the efforts especially of Justin Grammens and Patrick Delaney in making this day a success. Thank you teammates David Quimby and Boyd Johnson for a fun and productive day.

Have an awesome week and remember to do something today to supercharge your success.

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