Talking about being innovative doesn’t make you innovative. So many people and companies today talk about being innovative and disrupting things. Guess what – most of it is just talk. When push comes to shove true disruptive innovation is tough and attempts often fail. On the other hand iterative product development is easy and comfortable and easy for executives to pat themselves on the back.

There are four key aspects in my book to be disruptive:

  1. Think different: you can’t think the way everyone else does and be disruptive — ask the tough questions be the contrarian.
  2. Stay nimble: you must keep my mind and skills nimble — don’t get bogged down in one industry, one skill set or even one geography.
  3. Think big: never let something seem to great — everything must be on the table.
  4. Act, act, act: there is nothing like acting — you will certainly make mistakes but the biggest the proverbial line is failing to act is guaranteeing failure.

These things along won’t make you disruptive but put you in a better position to be disruptive. Take the opportunity to be disruptive. It does not have to be at your company if it is not supportive and it probably isn’t. There are tons of tough problems the world faces but it is easier than ever to make big impacts with software, analytics, IoT, and much more.

Find out about disruptive innovation at:
-Clayton Christensen’s Site: http://www.claytonchristensen.com/key-concepts/
-HBR: https://hbr.org/topic/disruptive-innovation

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photo credit: Bitcasa at TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 San Francisco via photopin (license)