Life is full of missteps. A meeting we lead goes bad and then our next meeting goes worse and so on and so on. We get home after a bad day and we are short with our spouse. We play a hand of poker and get a bad beat and then stupidly make a big bet with bad cards in bad position. Yeah I am guilty of these but over the years have worked on learning to get back on the path quickly.

That path may differ for each of us but each of us has principles, interests, and relationships that guide us. Sometimes we do something at work or home that is against those principles, interests, and relationships and it will continue to bother us and inhibit us from the next thing and the next thing. We all make mistakes and when we do we have to remember that it is as simple as just getting back on the path for our principles, interests, and relationships.

That does not mean there will not be repercussions to our actions and everything goes away but we need to get over mistakes and correct them and continue forward. In order to get back on the path we need to do three things:

  1. Acknowledge: Whatever the misstep was we need to acknowledge it and if possible correct. If not able or does not make sense in context then that is alright also.
  2. Learn from: Identify ways you could have avoided it and put into practice in the future. If important enough you might want to get input from trusted persons on potential future actions.
  3. Let go: Let the misstep go emotionally. Don’t dwell on it or else it impacts your future action. This dwelling often gets many of us into future missteps and possibly bigger missteps.

By acknowledging, learning from, and letting go our missteps we can quickly get back on the path whatever that path may be.

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photo credit: SMN via photopin cc