We all know people that complain about everything whether it is the weather, boss, or colleagues and if you are like me you try to limit time with them. There are also those rare people that are always positive and just make you feel better being around them. Don’t confuse people with either glass half full perspective versus glass half empty perspective but instead talking about people and their general attitude of life and work. These positive people say hi to people in the morning and are genuinely happy coming to work. Ok, most of us don’t fall in this camp everyday but wouldn’t it be nice for you and for others around you if you are more like that positive person.

Being positive is rewarding to yourself and will make you more successful. People will want to be around you and will feel better when around you. What you do will be viewed in a better light. But, being truly a positive person takes effort and it is still something I keep on working towards.

Here are some tips that I have found helpful and heard from others also that are better at this me:

  1. Get up early and workout: Working out each morning prior to getting the day started gets your endorphins going which will make you feel more positive. You certainly do not have to run a marathon but getting on a bike for 20 min. or running a couple miles or lifting some weights will help your day start off right.
  2. Greet colleagues: Make a conscious effort to say hi to your colleagues each morning and doing it genuinely will make you and them feel better. People will be happier when you come up to them and not think that you are coming up to them just to ask for something.
  3. Do not complain: No day is perfect but make a conscious effort to not complain. Not complaining does not mean don’t analyze or critique but that is different than complaining.
  4. Do not gossip: Gossip is rooted out of negativity and not partaking will help you be positive and will at the same time help your reputation.
  5. Be grateful: As information workers we are fortunate that we are paid well and have intellectually interesting jobs in an environment that is safe and comfortable. Don’t fall into the trap of keeping up with the Jones’s and sure there may be people that make more money, have more perks, get more accolades, etc. but realize you are lucky! Yes lucky so be grateful and appreciate every day.

Increasing your positivity at work and in life generally will make it more enjoyable. So practice the steps above and your attitude about work and life will be better and your opportunities will increase.

As always appreciate your feedback, emails, comments, likes, and re-tweets!

photo credit: bluekdesign via photopin cc