Today’s workplace is a global environment where many of us will be working with people around the world. Often popular for information workers that means someone from India, China, Philippines, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and many others. Personally I have worked with all these countries along with many more.

Being able to work with offshore workers is a great opportunity and will be a challenging but rewarding and educational experience for you. But, it is important to start things off right and remember that people are people wherever they are. We each come with our own unique talents, challenges, and personalities. A few tips to supercharge your success while working in today’s global workplace include:

  • Get Culturally Literate: People are people but each culture has its own uniqueness and getting to understand societal and cultural norms of the people you will be working with is essential. Learn about the culture’s holidays, native sports and history — this will further your education but will also help you relate and endear yourself with your foreign country colleagues.
  • Meet Half Way: Just because you may be the person hiring someone or supervising them you need to know it is important to meet people half way. This can mean being flexible with meeting times understanding the drastic time difference. Or, it can mean slowing down your speech so they can better hear you.
  • Over Communicate: Communicate, communicate, and then communicate again. We all think that we said this or inferred that but often times our communication is not as effective as we think. This becomes especially more difficult when working with people with a different native language.
  • Treat as Equals: This should go without saying but treating colleagues no matter where they are as equals is essential. People are people and we all have lives, dreams, families and friends. At work we try to do a good job and bring value to our job and our lives. Being respectful of each other whether you are cube neighbors or international team mates is a must.

In a global environment successful information workers will not only competently work with colleagues across the world but they will thrive on doing so. Diverse workforces bring forth many opportunities and help ensure teams are able to satisfy a global customer base. Be part of the global workforce and buckle up it is going to be a fun ride. Enjoy learning about new people and cultures and start and keep a positive attitude when working with offshore workers.

Have an awesome week and remember to do something today to supercharge your success.

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photo credit: Denis1313 via photopin cc