You hear people say love what you do and you won’t feel like you work a day in your life or similar phrases. Ok, yes if you love what you do you it will certainly feel a lot better. But, what if you suck at your job? Or, what if your job pays little? Certainly having passion for your job will bring you a long way but don’t sell yourself short.

Successful people truly know that their work must intersect in three ways:

  1. Passion: Truly successful people are utterly passionate about what they do. This does not mean that highly successful people have loved every job they ever had. But, they have realized that having passion for what they do means that they will commit themselves to doing it in the best manner they can. Having passion for what you do also means that you will certainly be happier doing this work.
  2. Skill: It might seem obvious but having skill in what you do is vitally important. You might have passion at something but if you suck at it then your ability to have a fulfilling and successful career is limited. Most of us have a misconception of our skills despite what we hear from others. Even those of us who realize our limitations often think that we just need to try harder and work on our weaknesses. Evidence is pretty clear that people that focus on their strengths are more successful then people that focus on compensating for weaknesses.
  3. Market: Even if you have passion for what you do and you have good skill to do it there is the all-important question of “what the market is for what you do?” The market for what you do will determine a number of things including key ones like compensation and work conditions. Reality is few of us are independently wealthy and work for the fun of it. Finances are a key situation on a person and her family’s lifestyle. If you are doing something that you enjoy and have good skill but you are still paid $35,000 a year with the hopes or needs of someone making $100,0000 a year this simply might not meet your financial expectations or needs.

There is also market from an industry or geographic perspective. Being in a hot industry or geographic region as respects to people with your passion and skills will further likely increase your work satisfaction. One thing that you might want to do is get into an industry that is being disrupted or alternatively get into a new technology industry or move to a city where these are occurring and the job market is hot. Putting yourself in a situation where market factors are in your favor will make you more successful.

WLP Tip No. 1: Remember life is short and take the time now to find a place where your passion intersects with your skill and these intersect with a strong market. If you are able to do this you will move yourself a long ways down the path of supercharging your success.

Look for WLP tips to make a regular appearance in future posts. Thank you David Quimby (@DavidQuimby) for the suggestion. Take the opportunity like David did and let me know how WorkLearnPlay can provide you more value.

Have an awesome week and remember to do something today to supercharge your success.

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photo credit: DSCN2516 via photopin (license)