Communication is one of those things we all know is important. No matter if you are a manager or individual contributor we all must communicate daily. Communication is easy but good communication is tough. What is more difficult is there is no right way to communicate with everyone.

People are different and communication styles are different. Some people prefer direct, in-person communication while others prefer indirect, text message communication. How often do you tell others how you prefer to communicate or ask others how they like to be communicated with?

You can be the person that is a take it or leave it communication style or you can adapt to others and meet them halfway. The more you improve your communication with others the more your success will increase.

So next time you have a new employee, new manager, new friend, or new relationship, start out and ask her for her communication roadmap and provide her yours. This communication roadmap should indicate things like:

  1. Communication style: There are different communication styles. Some people prefer the direct and short style of communication. Not everyone can take being direct and having short communications with some people will make them jump to conclusions that you are unhappy with them. Others prefer the drawn out, beat-around-the-bush style. Whatever a person’s style is try to adapt your communication to it and watch how it pays off.
  2. Communication format: Communication can come in many different forms. I am a face-to-face communicator or at worse on the phone. Sure I respond to emails and voicemails but it is not my preferred format. Knowing the preferred format of people you frequently communicate and trying to engage in that format as it makes sense will help you be more successful in your communications.
  3. Communication frequency: People need different levels of communication frequency. Some people talking with them once a week is plenty while others need to communicate twice a day. Some of the communication frequency is certainly job dependent but much of it is a communication preference.
  4. Communication pet peeves: Some things just piss us off. Letting people know those pet peeves helps people not fall into those communication pitfalls.

Having the communication roadmap for your colleagues, friends, employees, relationships, and manager and providing them your communication roadmap will increase your communication effectiveness. Once you have that roadmap then utilizing it to effectively engage with others will increase your chances for success.

Have an awesome week and remember to do something today to supercharge your success.

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